Beet Smoothie: The Berry Beety

Healthy Beet Smoothie: Berry Beaty | Kim D'Eon

On top of being one of the most gorgeous colours of burgundy you’ll ever see, this simple, spicy and sweet beet smoothie is a nutritional powerhouse!

All those rich, dark colours mean a ton of antioxidants and vitamins like A and C. Plus, beets and ginger are known to be some of the most potent detoxifying foods you can eat (or drink)!

Grating the raw beets will make them easier to blend. Just make sure to protect your cutting board or counter top with a piece of parchment paper (and if you’re worried about staining your hands, wear gloves). Grate a few extra beets and save them in the fridge to add to your salads through the week! I threw a few beet greens into this smoothie to further increase its nutrient value. Ah yeah, I did!

Healthy Beet Smoothie: Berry Beaty | Kim D'Eon

Back to your grater: grating ginger is a great way to add ginger juice to your smoothies. Just grate the unpeeled ginger root on the smallest setting, collect the pulp in your hand and squeeze the juice directly into the blender!

Healthy Beet Smoothie: Berry Beaty | Kim D'Eon

I’ve added chia and hemp for added fibre, protein and healthy fats. The chia will make the smoothie thicken over time. So, if you want to add more, you will get a wonderfully thick and creamy smoothie bowl that you could top with nuts, seeds or extra fruits.

Beet Smoothie: Berry Beety | Kim D'Eon Holistic Nutrionist

Beet Smoothie: The Berry Beety
Use organic ingredients whenever possible
Serves: 2 small
  • - 1 unpeeled apple, cut into chunks
  • - ¾ cup blueberries (fresh or frozen)
  • - 1-2 tbsp grated ginger pulp (squeezed by hand into juice)
  • - 1 raw, peeled and grated beet
  • - 1 tsp ground chia seeds
  • - 2 tbsp hemp seeds
  • - a few beet greens (if your beets came with)
  • - (optional) 2-4 ice cubes
  1. Add all ingredients into blender or food processor and blend until smooth. Enjoy!
Beet Smoothie: Berry Beety | Kim D'Eon Holistic Nutrionist

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Beet Smoothie: Berry Beety | Kim D'Eon Holistic Nutrionist



  • Karen Clement says:

    This looks like a very nice tasting and healthy smoothie. Wondering how hard it is to grate raw beets? Would this be a good detox for the skin Kim? Going to start back into my smoothie practice this week.

    • Kim D'Eon says:

      Grating beets is as simple as grating carrots! Really easy – just a bit messier because of that strong purple pigment. And yes, beets are a wonderful veggie to support the liver and when you support the liver in its detox functions, you help the skin for sure! So glad to hear you’ll be getting back into the smoothie habit again.

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