Your ‘Eat Some Good Guide’ To Toronto

Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, omnivorous, flexitarian, paleo or just looking for some healthy restaurant options in the city, I’ve got you covered here with my Eat Some Good Guide to Toronto.

The restaurants I chose favour fresh, unadulterated food with an emphasis on seasonal and local produce when possible. The list runs the gamut of fine dining to quick, grab-and-go eateries. Many of the take-out shops listed here offer smoothies and juices, but I have excluded exclusively Juice or Smoothie Bars as the focus of this guide is solid food meals. Each of these spots makes their food from scratch daily and is either “vegetable-forward” or exclusively veggie with gluten free and dairy free options. There are other vegetarian restaurants that aren’t on my list as they aren’t necessarily health-focused. Simply put this list is all about real food done right.

I’d love to hear about your healthy faves in the comments below and we can marvel together over how this list will grow and grow. Happy good food outing!

Best Vegetarian Restaurants Toronto | Kim D'Eon Holistic NutrionistBest Vegetarian Restaurants

It’s amazing to see more and more plant-strong restaurants popping up around the city. This is a good sign of our collective desire to eat better and support more sustainable businesses. Here, I’ve mapped out some of my favourite spots to feast on vegetarian food.

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Best Vegan Restaurants Toronto | Kim D'Eon Holistic NutrionistBest Vegan Restaurants

Eating out doesn’t have to mean eating badly. I mapped out these vegan eateries to serve as a good starting point for those days when you want to enjoy a good meal out and still treat your body well. Some are more health-focused than others, but all of these exclusively plant-powered joints offer super healthy options.

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Healthy Restaurants Toronto | Kim D'Eon Holistic NutritionistBest Omnivore Restaurants

As with everything in life, balance is key. If you do want to eat meat, these spots focus on local, sustainable and organic farming practices. They also show mad love for veggie dishes. Great spots for omnivores and herbivores alike!

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– KD

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