The 19 Items You Need on Your Next Grocery List

As my hero and real food champion, Michael Pollan, contends, cooking from scratch is one of the most important things we can do for our health. But, in a world of fancy #foodporn and superstar TV chefs, it might seem that cooking is reserved for the culinary elite. And, cooking healthy? Well, that must be only for those granola crunchers you see on Instagram, right?

No way!

Cooking tasty and healthy meals from scratch is easy and can be super-quick if you’re set up and ready to go. The key to success is having your kitchen stocked to rock.

Here’s my personal shopping list of basics to help get you off refined and processed crap and into your kitchen whipping up quick and healthy meals that will make you feel great! Are you with me?

Click through to the Huffington Post for the complete list.

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