Holiday Gift Guide for the Holistic Foodie in Your Life

Let’s just get a few obvious things out of the way about holiday gift giving first, shall we?

  1. Holidays are about spending time with loved ones and making memories together. You don’t need to give gifts.
  2. The gift that will make you feel the best is the gift of helping out others in need. You can adopt a family in your local area and help provide gifts or meals for them this holiday season. There are SO MANY great charitable causes you can donate to, here are a few resources: CFCcanada, Care Canada.
  3. If you have time, making homemade gifts is fun. Some easy ones include jars of Epsom salts infused with a little essential oil for the gift of bath-time relaxation.
  4. It’s great to give the gift of experience. If you’ve got the coin and want to give a gift that keeps on giving. There are so many options here. Some that I have enjoyed have been pottery lessons, singing lessons, and yoga sessions but you can go wild and book a gliding expedition, hot air balloon ride or simply a night out at the movies.
  5. OK, now that we’re on the same page about all that, I’ve also compiled a handy little gift-giving guide for if you just wanna give a physical something-something to the more holistically-minded person in your life.


And, you know me; I‘ll be starting in the kitchen. But I also wanted this gift guide to be a bit broader so I’ve included things that I either have myself or things I’d love to get.


Nothing says I love you to the real foodie in your life like a Vitamix. With a motor that just won’t quit and the ability to make anything from a velvety smoothie from rock-hard frozen produce or make a puree soup using only this blender or even make nut butters and ice creams. It really is worth every penny. I adore mine and use it almost every day. You can’t go wrong here. But, as a Vitamix is heftier in price, you may want to look at some less expensive options like this Ninja. Or this Blentec.

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citrus juicer
Lemons are a kitchen staple for me and I honestly can’t live without my trusty citrus squeezer. This cute little stainless steel number can handle lemons of all sizes and makes a great, little inexpensive gift.

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Chef's Knife
Sometimes I watch people cooking without the proper knife and it just kills me. Without the proper tools, cooking can be too time-consuming and can suck the fun right out of the whole experience. Do your foodie a favour and get them a proper Chef’s knife already!

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cutting board
Wooden chopping boards are not only an essential part of the cooking experience, but they can also make a kitchen super snazzy. Such is the case with this adorable little hand-made mint number by ForTheHost on Etsy:

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I’ve been using this moisturizer ever since Ingrid from Clementine Fields turned me onto it a few years back. It. Is. Amazing! Head over to her lovely website, order a jar and get hooked just like I did. While you’re at it, have a shop of the other wonderful, natural and organic personal care products she stocks.

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black eyeliner
I’ve used a lot of eyeliners in my day and I can confidently tell you that you will not find a better eyeliner or lip liner than this one from the good people at Jane Iredale mineral makeup. Smooth application, rich in colour and free of artificial crap that in a lot of other makeup lines. It’s the ONLY black eyeliner than goes near my eyes.

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Want to give the gift of an amazing-smelling space without the harsh, synthetic chemicals used in those drugstore brand air fresheners? Give essential oils this holiday season! I’m learning more and more about these amazing health-promoting qualities of these wonderful oils; Pure goodness to the last drop. We all know how hectic things can get over the holidays so why not give a little balance back to your lived one with this Balance blend? A little dab on the wrists or behind the ear will work wonders.

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Looking to go one step further with essential oils, or already know someone who’s a die-hard diffuser? Check out these stylish, hand-made essential oil diffusers from Cor Pottery on Etsy.

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I’ve tried A LOT of natural deodorants. A lot. And this one, by Consonant Skin Care, is a real winner. Trust me! Works like a charm and you can feel good knowing that you’re getting rid of the nasty gunk from your loved-ones pits!

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buckwheat pilllows
There’s probably nothing that you spend more face time with than your pillow. So, why not give a brand new buckwheat pillow this year? These gems are super comfy, hypoallergenic, organic, and biodegradable. What more could you want from the one thing you will literally drool all over?

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yoga pants
Whether or not your lady does yoga, she will love these stylish cropped yoga pants from Lululemon with this mesh peek-a-boo detail for that extra dash of sass. Who knows, it might just inspire her to get on her mat!

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crystal lamp
There was a time I thought these crystal salt lamps were purely aesthetic, but now I know how good they are for cleaning the air, reducing allergies and improving mood. You really can’t go wrong here. Plus, as a nighttime lamp, its warmer hue will help set the stage for a good night’s sleep. And that, my friends, is the gift that keeps on giving.

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Looking for something unique to cart a tablet/ipad around in? Check out this handmade hemp and cotton ipad carrying case from the talented and creative wonder woman, over at pi’lo in Toronto:

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utensil ipad dock
And what holiday gift guide would be complete without a cool kitchen gadget that they probably haven’t seen before? Check out this sleek, dual-function utensil holder with tablet dock on Brika. This way, your cherished can read or watch her fave healthy recipe while cooking up a storm!

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What’s your favourite way to share the love during the holidays? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Happy holidays!

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