Watch: How to Store Your Greens With Massimo Capra

You know me, I always have greens on hand.

For sure, they’re delicious and nutritious, but they can also go limp and lifeless easily of not stored properly. Plus, with our busy schedules, it can sometimes be a hassle to wash and prep your greens before you’re ready to eat them (no wonder those pre-washed and packaged greens sell so well).  But, it’s actually cheaper to buy the greens whole and do the prep work yourself.

Enter: my Top Chef Time Savers series to save the day.

In this episode, I met up with celebrity chef Massimo Capra at the Taste of Toronto festival to have a look at how he makes storing and eating greens a breeze in his personal kitchen at home.

You know him from TV as a celebrity chef on Food Network Canada’s Restaurant Makeover, Chopped Canada, Top Chef Canada and you might have been to one of his 5 restaurants including: Mistura, Sopra Supper Lounge or the Rainbow Room in Toronto.


As you can imagine, a guy this busy needs to keep things quick and easy at home. It’s all about the prep as he describes here. You might be surprised to find out one popular kitchen gadget he goes without in this process. I sure was. Have a look!

Fresh herbs are a great way to add extra nutrients into your dishes. On top of adding the most delicious flavour boost, they’re loaded with detoxifying antioxidants, vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, C and magnesium as well as a variety of health-promoting phytochemicals. Research has indicated that the drying process may result in a loss of nutrients, which is another reason to try fresh herbs when you can!

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