Halifax Trails: Making Friends At Seaport Farmers Market

Halifax Seaport Farmers Market - Kim D'Eon

Beyond all the fantastic, locally grown food and locally made goodies, what I love about the Halifax Seaport Farmers Market is that everyone is so freakin’ friendly!

Transformed from the Brewery Market back in 2010, the Halifax Seaport Farmers Market is a big, bright bonanza of local farmers and vendors. It’s open every day of the week, but absolutely bustling on the weekends. The market actually also the third most popular tourist attraction in Halifax! Pretty cool.

I like going there with my sister when I’m in town. We usually just take our time, strolling past the different vendors and stopping at the booths that appeal to our individual senses.

No matter where we stop, we always have really great conversations. Yes, the people there are selling stuff, but I don’t feel like a customer. Haligonians are too personable for that. It’s mostly just friendly conversations where, inevitably, I learn a thing or two.

Like, when I learned that Nova Scotia has some of the purest sea vegetables in the world, or that Iranian barberries are super-potent antioxidants, or that Viji’s chutney is actually homemade (with dates for sweetness) despite it being stored in a giant Costco Kirkland container.

I asked Viji if I could take a picture of her to which she happily obliged. Then, of course, she had to take a few of us with her own phone. I love Halifax.

Halifax Seaport Farmers Market - Kim D'Eon

My Halifax Seaport Farmers Market Finds

  • Mermaid food from Mermaid Fare. Sea veggies are great for purifying the system of heavy metals and also provide an amazing amount of vitamins and minerals like iron and iodine. I picked up Taylor’s “Beauty Bar”
  • Natural handmade clay soap from Free Spirit Farm, which is great to clarifying the skin from impurities and also doesn’t have a bunch of toxic synthetic ingredients in it.
  • A box of veggie samosas  which are just good for a fun meat-free treat.

And on top of all that now I know a few more friendly faces in town. Definitely stop by the Halifax Seaport Farmers Market if you happen to be in town.

Halifax Seaport Farmers Market - Kim D'Eon

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