Watch: Lynn Crawford On How to Crack An Egg With One Hand

Have you ever wanted to be able to crack an egg with one hand, but weren’t sure about the exact technique?

It looks super cool and also shaves a few seconds from your busy omelette-making schedule.

Well, I’ve got you covered in the first instalment of my Top Chef Time Savers series, which I shot on location at the awesome Taste of Toronto festival. LOVE that event. (For more information check out their website.)

In this episode, I’m literally cracking up with celebrity chef, Lynn Crawford.


I know Lynn from back on my Entertainment Tonight Canada days. I’ve interviewed and travelled with her several times and always look forward to sharing a laugh with her. She is one of the funniest and kindest women I know. She’s also a kick-ass chef.

She owns and runs the Riverside Village gem, Ruby Watchco in Toronto’s east end, which champions  local and sustainable food. She’s also the star of Food Network Canada’s Pitchin In and a judge on Chopped Canada. On top of all that, she’s partnered with the Egg Farmers of Canada to create unique farm-to-table recipes.

What better chef to demonstrate the one-handed egg crack?


Watch the video and then get crackin!

Eggs are a great source of bioavailable protein as well as choline, fat soluble vitamins A, D and E as well as lots of B12! Plus, they are so versatile and delicious. I always choose organic, free-range eggs from local farms to ensure the best quality nutrients and support ethical farming practices.

How do you like your eggs? Let me know in the comment section below and also tell me if you’ve tried the one-handed egg cracking at home before or if this video helped you out in that department.

Happy Crackin!


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